Choosing the right floor plan for your new construction home

From the charming simplicity of Ranch and Bungalow styles to the distinctive allure of Colonial and Contemporary designs, each architectural style offers unique qualities tailored to different preferences. According to recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau‘s Survey of Construction, Ranch, Colonial, and Contemporary/Modern homes are among the most popular choices for new single-family home … Read more

Home Renovation Dos and Don’ts

Here are some essential dos and don’ts to guide you through your home renovation adventure. Do: Assess the Current Condition of Your House The best way to get hold of everything that needs to be done is to start with the basics. It begins by assessing your house to get an idea of what needs … Read more

What To Know When Selling Waterfront Land?

Here’s what you need to know when selling waterfront land. We’ll explore key considerations, potential challenges, and provide practical advice to help you navigate this process successfully. Understanding the Value of Selling Waterfront Land Waterfront properties on the Jersey Shore are often considered the crown jewels of the real estate sector. These properties offer unique … Read more

Apartment Rental ~ Ocean Pointe Plaza in Waretown, NJ

Available for lease: 1050 sq. ft. apartment with 2 bedrooms, eat in kitchen, and large bathroom. Each building has a laundry room area. The utilities are gas, electric, and city water and sewer. In the heart of the Jersey Shore! Come home to this luxury apartment community located in Waretown, New Jersey. The bay is … Read more

Renting Commercial Office Space in Monmouth County

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, if you are looking for office space to rent in Freehold, NJ, you want to something that’s a good fit and can meet the needs of your company. Here’s the best way to navigate the commercial real estate market in Monmouth County. For those looking … Read more

How To Winterize Your Waterfront Home in NJ

Get tips to protect your hot water heaters and fire sprinkler system from the perils of winter. By following this guide, you can avoid the common winter woes like frozen or burst pipes and enjoy a warm and cozy winter season. Understanding the Unique Needs of Waterfront Homes Waterfront homes, with their stunning views and … Read more

What Is Property Surveying? A Guide to Understanding the Importance of Land Surveys

Property surveys help resolve neighbor disputes over shared lands. Understanding survey steps brings peace of mind to real estate projects. What data do we collect and analyze in Property Surveying? Understanding property surveys is crucial for owners. They ensure the accuracy of legal boundaries. Professional surveyors create detailed reports defining property boundaries. These include size, … Read more

What To Know About New Home Builder Contracts: A Comprehensive Guide

At MSC Enterprises, we pride ourselves on building quality homes that our clients love. Specializing in both commercial and residential real estate development in Monmouth County and Ocean County, New Jersey, we offer a range of services that span leasing, management, and development of commercial and retail properties. Our expertise lies not just in constructing … Read more

Is It Better To Build A Second Story Or An Addition?

Our experience in building new homes as well as handling all types of remodeling projects and home renovations make us uniquely qualified to address this issue. In this discussion, we aim to examine the pros and cons of each choice, assisting homeowners in making a decision that best suits their specific circumstances. Pros/Cons Of A … Read more