What Is A Board And Batten Wall? Best Ideas On Where And How To Use It In Your Home

All of us want our house to look its absolute best at all times. This can be done by implementing a popular and affordable interior design element, like an accent wall, to add interest and style to your home.

When renovating or remodeling your home in New Jersey, you may want to update the aesthetics or interior design style along with the other changes you have planned. If you want to accentuate the architectural feel in your house, a board and batten wall covering is an affordable option. It gives the space character and elevates the whole ambiance. But what exactly is a board and batten wall?

Board and batten wall refers to the wall treatment wherein thin flat boards are attached to the wall and covered with a grid of battens. It’s not just paneling – this type of woodwork is a specific pattern of wooden boards used to create a unique and stylish, high end wainscot where a grid pattern of molding is created on the wall. It’s incredible how the room gets a whole new look and feel once treated with board and batten.

How To Use Board And Batten Wall In Your House?

As we have stated, board and batten wall is an affordable way to add style and character to your the interiors of your house. A professional remodeler or renovation contractor in NJ will be able to deliver the look and style you want. If you are having a new custom home built for you in New Jersey and are involved in selecting the finishes and paint colors in your home, consider talking to your Custom Home Builder about including board and batten wall in the design. Do some research online for photos to provide to your contractor so they know exactly what you expect to see as the end result.

If you are up for a bit of work, you can manage it on your own too. Yes, it’s time to unleash your creative side! Let’s give you some guidance on how to handle this task.

First, you will need to collect the supplies. This includes wood for batten, nails, liquid nails adhesive, sandpaper, and paintable caulk. Once you have everything ready, it’s time to get started.

Get The Measurements Right

Before you even think of installing board and batten wall, you have to measure the walls where the batten trim boards will be attached. Do not take this step lightly, mistakes here will cost you time and money in wasted supplies, so make sure you have accurate measurements. 

If your wall texture isn’t smooth, you will also need a backer board cut to the exact size of your wall. All seams will have to be covered.

Go Shopping! 

After measurements, you will have the buy the materials. If you have a saw at home, you can trim pieces on your own. But be careful; you have to ensure all of them are precisely the same.

Cut The Windows And Holes

If you are installing a backer board before, you have to cut the window and outlet holes beforehand. Measure the cuts and draw them on the board before using a saw for cutting. If you have outlet holes, you can use a drill to make the hole.

Install The Backer Board 

Place the backer board on the wall after putting liquid nails on it and nail the outside edges. This will keep the nails hidden, ensuring the beauty of your wall isn’t spoiled.

Add The Trim Pieces

Naturally, you would have a grid pattern in mind before getting started. You can now begin with the installation. It’s advisable to start with the whole wall trim pieces from top to bottom before moving left to right. Ensure all the pieces are at level and keep them in place with liquid and finishing nails.

Fill The Holes

After the board and batten pieces have been installed, fill the nail holes with wood filler and caulk all the edges. Don’t skip this step if you want your wall to look professional. 

Get Ready To Paint

Finally, paint the wall in your preferred colors. You can use a roller or paint sprayer depending on the look you want. That’s it! Your board and batten wall is ready!

Some Ideas For Installing Board And Batten Wall In Your House

But where should the wall be installed? What kind of look can you go for with this wall treatment, and how will it complement your home interior? Confused? Don’t worry! We have some ideas that can help you out!

Make The Wall Stand Out In Your Bedroom 

You can make the board and batten wall reek of style in your bedroom. It will undoubtedly make a daring statement. Use a distinctive color with a recognizable texture to make the whole space appear bold. Select colors that complement the elements in your room, and you will have created a perfect relaxation area. 

If you aren’t a fan of bold colors, you can make your bedroom appear refined and edgy with a board and batten wall too. Select dark colors for the space and use wooden furniture in your room. You will get the modern look you want.

Unique Paneling or Wainscot in Your Living Room

The living room is meant to be welcoming and cozy. You can ensure your living room has a mix of contemporary and modern styles. Select a unique color like blue for the patterns, which will add an eccentric note to the surroundings. 

Divide Rooms With Patterns

If you have open-plan spaces in your house, you can use board and batten walls to create zones. For instance, you can separate your breakfast corner from the kitchen using a subtle board and batten wall.

A Budget-Friendly Foyer

Who doesn’t want foyers in their homes, right? They are incredibly functional, not to mention charming. You can ensure the entryway looks inviting with the board and batten wall. The wooden elements will really add a feel to your house.

Let A Particular Space Stand Out

Using board and batten treatment for the whole wall might seem like overkill for some. You can have a part of the wall covered with board and batten, which will really make the place appear visually interesting.

Subtlety Is The Key

If you don’t want the wall to get all the attention and prefer the spotlight to remain on your furniture, keeping the walls neutral is a good idea. Use white board and batten wall to serve as a perfect backdrop.

Get Ready For Renovations!

Board and batten walls are an excellent way to add style to your house interiors. And they don’t cost much too. You can manage it yourself or hire a professional home builder and remodeler to create this amazing kind of paneled accent wall for your home. Let your house reflect your creativity with board and batten walls!

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