Energy Efficient Homes

At MSC Enterprises LLC, customized energy efficient homes are our specialty, and helping you to save money long-term is what we do best.

The team at MSC Enterprises LLC are knowledgeable and experienced in building energy efficient new construction homes in New Jersey. Whether you already have plans ready or you want us to design the entire project, the planning of your home requires a lot of preparation and our team will confidently lead you to the home of your dreams. We will guide you through the countless details required to attain the most energy efficient home possible, from finances and budget tracking, to logistics and the final goal.

Installation Considerations

Design and orientation of your home play a big role in the efficiency, and these key elements require meticulous planning. This is where MSC Enterprises LLC’s specialist builders come in. Through years of experience our planning and construction teams have the necessary skills to give the absolute best advice for the construction and design of your new home, its location on your land and the fundamentals associated with creating the ultimate new home to suit your needs.

Some of the things you need to consider are:

  • Rooms you spend lots of time in, like your main living areas should be south-facing to catch sun light for the longest part of the day. Bedrooms should be positioned on the northern side so they remain cooler and more enjoyable to sleep in at night.
  • Eaves over south-facing windows will help to keep unwelcome sun out in summer and let in extra sun during winter.
  • If your living areas are more enclosed they will lower heating and cooling costs. Even though open plan designs are very popular, they can be noisy, and expensive to heat and cool.
  • Zoning the home will save energy and money. Grouping rooms with similar uses together like living rooms and kitchens, bedrooms and wet areas will allow for more efficient heating and cooling throughout your home.
  • Outdoor landscaping impacts indoor comfort. Trees on the eastern and western sides of your home can be used to block out the morning and afternoon sun during summer, creating less need for powered cooling.

Because we only use the best available quality materials, you are guaranteed to have better insulation than if you were using cheaper inferior materials. The quality of materials like timbers, insulations, glass and tiles all make a huge difference not only to the appearance and durability of your home, but also the energy efficiency rating.

Our experts can also help you choose the ultimate lighting for your new energy efficient home based on years’ experience in New Jersey. Natural light offers the cheapest lighting solutions, however with modern LED lighting technology available, you will save a lot more energy and get roughly three times life from LED’s than other lighting.

MSC Enterprises LLC provides unique designs for your very own property; or work with you to perfect your own plans and designs. No matter where we start with you, the result will be a new home you will be proud of.

If you’re ready to discuss your custom energy efficient home building project, or if you have questions about our planning and building methods, there are several ways to get in touch. Feel free to contact us, or give us a call 732-905-0005 and speak directly to a member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you!