Custom Home Trends for 2021

Nothing compares to owning a house crafted to match your dreams and visions. For this reason, many homeowners decide to engage New Jersey construction companies and home builders to create a custom homes instead of buying a preexisting house. Custom homes provide you with the freedom to design your living space to meet the needs and desires of you and your family.

You can design everything including your floor plan, number of rooms, finishings, furniture and décor, to create a perfect living space when you choose to build and buy a custom home. When you have made the decision to go with a custom home, you obviously want to have the aesthetic that suits you, while also having the latest features and advancements available. Selecting the right style for your home can be quite overwhelming. You may be very sure about what you don’t like, but committing to design decisions you do like may be hard. Here is a list of custom home trends that are builders in New Jersey are executing for 2021.

A Minimalist Design

Minimalism will never go out of style. It’s a very simple design that offers maximum functionality and clean aesthetics. When you make the decision to engage minimalistic principles in your architecture and interior design, you should first evaluate the number of rooms you need based on the available area. Also, pay attention to your lifestyle and overall family size.

The trend towards minimalism in architecture translates into a commitment to simple forms using modern and avant-garde materials. Designers have a tendency to use quality materials to ensure thermal and acoustic insulation. This results in economic savings and an environmental benefit.

In the context of a single family home, simplified living is trending. Individuals and families are deciding to live with less. Homeowners say decluttering is at the top of their to-do list, and many people report feeling de-stressed after decluttering. Minimizing clutter, cleaning and specialized storage are critical design elements, particularly in kitchen and bath areas.

For the best possible outcome, consider prioritizing a simple design that provides an airy ambiance. Be sure to evaluate your home and ensure a clean look by getting rid of all the visible clutter in your living space. Carry your minimalist style from the inside to the exterior of your home. Choose a simple color scheme, formal geometric landscaping with clean lines and subtle textures for a smooth transition, sleek curb appeal and minimalist style. Take a look at this article discussing Who are the best custom home builders at the Jersey Shore?

An Open Floor Plan

As hospitalizations and cases of illness decrease, a major priority for homeowners in 2021 is entertaining, welcoming family and friends back into the home. People need more space to entertain their family and friends safely. An open floor plan is a must-have for any family that is serious about having great moments at home. When preparing meals, you want to have a clear view of the living room or dining area so that you can engage with the people you are inviting over.

The commitment to integrate different areas of the home to create open environments is becoming clearer. This solution will allow you to enjoy more square footage, gained from where partitioning walls would have been, creating practical spaces for the whole family.

An open floor plan is all about having continuity in the house. A home without it feels segregated and disconnected. Use building materials, flooring and paint colors that serve as a link between the rooms and decorate the entire space in a consistent way, to make the most of the unified space and light. Read about 10 Cool Things To Include When Building A House.

Natural Elements

Introducing natural elements has become a great home trend in 2021. Homeowners realize the benefit of having fresh, organic, and natural elements in the house. Bringing nature into the house helps improve the ambiance, especially in a tech-obsessed home. Introducing house plants and indoor flowers in your house and natural materials like granite and stone can go a long way in creating a serene environment for you and your loved ones. In addition to this, natural fixtures help bring the outdoor are around your house inside your house, boosting your mood.

Studies show that being close to nature reduces stress, as the natural elements from indoors transition to the outdoor living areas – they can become personal oasis for relaxation and retreat, and expanded space for entertaining. Landscape designs may feature more garden spaces and hardscape areas such as patios and decks can create a comfortable outdoor living space. Amenities can include custom-designed walls and trellises, water features, outdoor kitchens, firepits, grills and pizza ovens as well as specialty lighting. Outdoor audio systems can add a soothing layer of sound to a peaceful retreat, or be a lively addition to gatherings of family and friends.

Homeowners report they are proactively taking steps to improve their indoor environment as concerns about health move to the forefront. People are taking or plan to take action to make their home environment healthier. Adding houseplants to help purify the air, changing air filters frequently, using eco-friendly paints, adding air purifiers and using chemical-free household products are some strategies that will result in a healthy environment for everyone who lives in and visits your home.

Natural textures and accessories bring the outside inside and can help to stabilize our minds and spirits, allowing us to thrive and find joy in our home sanctuaries. Accent pieces made from natural materials such as cane or wicker can elicit wanderlust and exude a tropical feel. Rattan, wicker, cane, grasscloth and teak as popular materials for home design in 2021. Floral wallpaper is a top Google trend and designers are seeing an uptick in warm, earthy color palettes proving colors and patterns are taking on a more natural aesthetic as well.

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Monochromatic Schemes

Another trending custom home design is the monochromatic scheme. This design motif offers a contrast and a feeling of expansive space and brightness to your house, making it look appealing.

White in its different shades continues to be featured in interior design, alone or combined with other colors such as black, mustard or gray. On walls and floors it provides luminosity to the rooms and expands them visually, having an incredible effect. Consider pairing stark whites with dark finishes on your walls, kitchen décor, and flooring.

Consider your favorite colors and choose multiple shades of one hue to create the best finish.

The need for a calm, relaxed environment has increased in 2021, especially as we incorporate more activities into the home. Create a calm home environment by using neutral colors and open spaces to amplify natural light. Consider choosing soft green, blue and pink shades to create a sense of the outdoors, and creating a cozy sanctuary by using soft indirect lighting. Soft shades are up-and-coming staples in home color palettes. Include seafoams, pastel pinks, corals and Sky Blue.

Artisanal Fixtures

Handcrafted artisanal fixtures in your house can help you customize and personalize your custom home. There is something to be said about a handcrafted item that has been molded and formed with the utmost care and precision. Knowing that every piece, down to the nuts and bolts, has been carefully hand-placed to create a fixture that will withstand the test of trends and time.

One kind of artisanal fixture that you should consider installing in your custom home is the lighting. When a fixture is handmade, it’s often crafted from recycled or from sustainably sourced wood and recyclable metal. The designs can be so unique that they stand alone as focal points and art pieces in your house. Linear design, clean lines and breathtaking silhouettes can be fashioned to convey minimalism or a more natural focus – so no matter what your style, you’ll be able to find a fixtures that are sure to be the topic of conversation at your next dinner party. Another thing that can completely change the look of your home is using brass instead of steel on your plumbing system, door hardware, lighting, and cabinet hardware.

Traditional materials such as marble, stone and wood are taking on contemporary shapes in round end tables, curved chairs and circular coffee tables. Designers are warming up stark, modern vignettes with rustic, wooden touches and gold accessories. Adding dimensional texture through updated material mixing allows one to see the beauty and sophistication of style.

When planning to build a new home or renovate an existing one in 2021, take the time to consider the latest home trends. Each year brings new interior and exterior popular designs to consider so that you can build your custom home with ease and confidence. By integrating some of the latest custom home decorating styles along with classic pieces into your design, you will be better prepared when building your next custom home in New Jersey in 2021.


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