How to Buy a New Construction Home in NJ

Purchasing new construction isn’t as straightforward as looking at a floor plan or model house and signing a contract; there are many technicalities that the builder and lender must address, and if you aren’t sure of the process, you may face delays. Here’s how to buy a newly constructed home in New Jersey.

Custom Home Trends for 2021

A Minimalist Design Minimalism will never go out of style. It’s a very simple design that offers maximum functionality and clean aesthetics. When you make the decision to engage minimalistic principles in your architecture and interior design, you should first evaluate the number of rooms you need based on the available area. Also, pay attention … Read more

What Impacts the Cost and Length of New Home Construction?

You are likely to spend more money if the building materials are being outsourced from far away from the construction site. The cost of the construction materials impacts the project when estimating the overall cost. This includes the base cost of materials, shipping charges, and any applicable taxes. If the building materials are more expensive … Read more

Buying vs Building a New Home – Which One is Cheaper?

When considering an existing house, the charm of mature neighborhoods and the convenience of a move-in ready home may be appealing. However, factors such as closing costs, ongoing maintenance, and potential renovation expenses can add up, influencing the cost-effectiveness of this option. On the other hand, opting for a new construction allows you the freedom … Read more

Why Choose New Construction For Your Next Home?

Everything is New The best thing about a new build house is that everything is new and no one else has used anything in the house. This gives you a sense of ownership. You feel that the house, and everything in it, is truly yours, as opposed to when you buy an old house and … Read more