Mixed Use Property Development In New Jersey: Benefits And Trends

Mixed-use development

If you’re considering investing in mixed-use property development in the state of New Jersey, there are a few key things to consider. This blog post will provide an overview of transit-oriented property development and the benefits it could bring. 

What is Mixed Use Property Development? 

Mixed-use development, also known as transit-oriented property development refers to the combination of multiple uses on one piece of land. It often consists of office space, residential housing, retail business, or other commercial and retail spaces.

This type of development can be beneficial for both developers and investors as it allows them to maximize their use of space and resources while also providing a variety of amenities and services for those living or working nearby. 

The Benefits of Developing Transit-Oriented Property in NJ 

Developing mixed-use property in New Jersey can offer a number of benefits for developers and investors alike. For starters, this type of development can provide an opportunity for increased income through rental fees from businesses and individuals who occupy the retail and housing space. These properties can generate additional revenue through taxes paid by tenants as well as visitors to the area who shop at local retail stores or restaurants.

Transit-Oriented developments often result in more efficient land usage because they require less space than if each component was developed separately. Finally, these types of developments can help create vibrant communities with diverse amenities that attract potential buyers and renters alike. 

Trends in Mixed-Use Property Development in NJ

As the real estate market continues to evolve and change, understanding the trends of transit-oriented property development in NJ is more important than ever. With the state’s population growing and businesses expanding, there is an increasing demand for spaces that can accommodate many different uses particularly due to both the state’s urban and suburban settings.

transit-oriented properties new jersey

Mixed-Use Properties as a Growing Trend 

Over the past few years, transit-oriented properties have become increasingly popular options for developers looking to create vibrant, dynamic spaces that meet diverse needs. As previously stated, this type of property combines residential and commercial uses, often including retail stores, restaurants, apartments, offices, and more.

In addition to providing convenience for residents and customers alike, these types of developments also create attractive destinations in their own right. For example, many mixed-use properties feature public plazas or green spaces that give people a place to gather and relax. These areas can be used for events such as concerts or farmers’ markets, adding to the amenity level of a space while also driving economic activity in the surrounding area. 

Location Matters 

The location of a transit-oriented property can have a major impact on its success or failure. In particular, proximity to public transportation is essential for any successful project – if potential tenants don’t have easy access to trains or buses (or even bike paths), they may be less likely to sign on with your project. Additionally, it is important to consider how close your space is to other attractions such as museums or parks; these amenities can be major draws for both residents and customers alike. 

Examples of Successful Mixed-Use Projects in NJ

Let’s take a look at some examples of successful transit-oriented construction site projects throughout the state. 

Mixed-use development new jersey

Cherry Hill Town Center – Cherry Hill, NJ 

Cherry Hill Town Center is a prime example of a successful mixed-use project. The complex includes over 40 retail stores, 30 restaurants, and a 12-screen movie theater.

On top of this, there is also an office tower that houses various businesses and law firms on its upper floors. This creates an ideal environment for locals to shop, dine out, catch a movie, or get some work done all within one convenient location. There is also multi-family housing nearby that compliments this town center.

The Brunswick – Edison Township, NJ 

The Brunswick is an award-winning transit-oriented project located in Edison Township. It consists of two residential towers with over 300 luxury apartments and more than 20 retail stores including local favorites such as Whole Foods Market, Lululemon Athletica, and Starbucks Coffee. The complex also features various restaurants and bars as well as recreational facilities such as a pool deck with cabanas and outdoor lounges. All these amenities make it the perfect place to live or spend time with family and friends during leisure time.             

Riverfront Square – Newark, NJ 

Riverfront Square is another impressive example of successful transit-oriented development in New Jersey. Located along the Passaic River in Newark’s downtown district, it consists of two high-rise buildings with over 500 luxury apartments between them as well as numerous shops and restaurants on their ground floors. This unique space also includes a marina that allows boaters to dock their boats onsite while they explore the area or enjoy dinner at one of the many eateries around the complex. 

Closing Thoughts on the Benefits and Trends of Mixed-Use Property Development in NJ

Mixed-use development offers numerous benefits both for developers looking to build sizable complexes that serve multiple purposes and for locals looking for convenience when it comes to shopping, dining out or simply getting around town quickly and easily. These examples illustrate just how successful such projects can be when done right—and why they’re becoming increasingly popular throughout New Jersey today!

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